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Additional Savings

Start Saving for Holidays, Vacations, Taxes, or Something Special!

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Additional Savings Accounts

Christmas, Vacation, and Sub Accounts

  • Monthly dividends based on daily balance over $1
  • No minimum balance fees 
  • Offers flexible withdrawals
  • Christmas Club accounts automatically transfer to your savings account on the evening of October 31st each year
  • Worry free federally insured funds

Creating a Sub Account in Online Banking

In ItsMe247, you can create and nickname Sub Accounts. Follow these steps to set up an Additional Savings Account today!

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Click on the "New Accounts" Tab on the top
  3. Click on "More Share Info" on the bottom right-hand corner
  4. Click on "Open"
  5. Deposit Funds and Nickname your Account!

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