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Remote Deposit Capture

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Remote Deposit Capture

With RDC, you can deposit your checks by simply taking a photo of your check with your mobile device and submitting the deposit through our Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)  program in our Mobile App. 


How to Set Up an RDC Account

  1. Open the Mobile App and click on Deposit on the bottom toolbar
  2. Click Register/Sign-Up
  3. Within 24 hours (during business days only)  check back in to see your approval status.
  4. To deposit a check, follow the prompts in the Mobile App. Make sure 'For RDC Only - Circle FCU' and your signature is written on the back of the check, then pick what sub account you want your check to go into. Checks are deposited throughout the day!


  • Q: Do I Need to Endorse the Check that I am Submitting via RDC?
    • A: YES! Please endorse the check "FOR RDC ONLY - Circle FCU" above your signature prior to submitting.
  • Q: How Quickly are my Funds Available?
    • A: Funds are posted to your account throughout the day. You should be notified in the check history if there are any issues with your check deposit. Please read the details in the User Agreement for mobile deposits.
  • Q: Do I Need To Keep My Check After Submitting It Using Mobile Deposit?
    • A: Yes. It’s a good idea to hold onto all checks you deposit until you can confirm the funds are in your account. Once confirmed, be sure to safely destroy them.
  • Q: Where Can I Find A History Of My Mobile Deposits? 
    • After logging in, you can select “View Mobile Check Deposit History.” This will provide you with the last 30 days of mobile deposit transactions and their current status.
  • Q: My Check Image Keeps Getting Rejected, What Am I Doing Wrong? 
    • For security reasons, there are certain aspects of each check that must be clearly identifiable with each photo image. If any of these aspects are not clearly identifiable, your check may come back rejected. Here are a few tips for best photo quality:
      • Lay the check on a flat, well-lit surface. If the check is crumpled or folded, do your best to flatten it out.
      • If you have a check with a light background, be sure to take the picture on a solid, darker surface to show contrast between check and background.
      • Be sure that all four corners of your check are entirely within the frame that is provided on the screen.
      • Hold steady. Be sure that the check is not blurry.