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Here are Some Ways to Avoid or Minimize Paying Fees


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Avoid Overdraft Fees

  • Balance your checking register regularly. Use our balancing form or an Excel spreadsheet. Immediately subtract any checks, debit card, or electronic deductions, and other withdrawals from your register.
  • Use online banking, our app, or phone banking to keep tabs on your account. In online banking, sign up for balance alerts to your email or mobile phone.
  • Sign up for Overdraft Protection from a CFCU savings, credit card, or a line of credit. 
  • Be aware of holds for pending debit card transactions. If you use a debit card, stay alert to pending transactions which reduce your available balance. 

Avoid ATM Fees

  • Use Fee-Free ATM's near you. Look for "MasterCard", "Cirrus", "Privileged Status" and "Alliance One" Networks for ATM withdrawals and deposits. 
  • Get cash back at the store when you use your debit card and PIN for purchases.
  • Pay with your debit card to reduce the need for cash.

Avoid Savings Account Fees

  • Maintain a $50 daily balance in your Savings Account.
  • Enroll in e-Statements to reduce the $1/mailed paper statement fee that may reduce your Savings Account balance.
  • Regularly view your balances, with online banking or our app, to ensure no withdrawals have taken your balance below $50.

Avoid Late Fees

  • Make loan payments with an automatic transfer from your checking account.
  • Use online banking, our app, or phone banking to to make loan and credit card payments anytime.
  • Set up recurring payments through online banking.
  • If you use the mail, always allow ample time for payments to reach us by the due date on your loan or credit card statement. Be sure to mail payments to the correct addresses.

Avoid Inactivity/Dormancy Fees

An inactivity/dormancy fee applies monthly to accounts that have no activity for more than one year.

  • Consistently utilize your accounts.
  • Set up reoccuring deposits into your Circle FCU Membership Savings Account.
  • Take advantage of other credit union loan or deposit services.

Avoid Checking Account Fees

  • Keep a minimum balance of $50 or more in your Checking Account at all times OR
  • Have a debit card and be enrolled in e-statements.